Why the name change?

For over 100 years the name Red Devil has been recognized in the paint and tooling industry, spending the last couple of decades becoming “the name” in paint mixers and shakers.

From the beginning we were ready to take on new challenges, and after undergoing extensive customer research we began product redesign and testing that really reflects our emphasis on quality. Coupled with our value on collaboration and problem solving, this led us into new markets and expanded services and soon we found that “Red Devil” didn’t quite reflect who we were becoming. 

The decision to change

Red Devil Equipment Co. had become the mixer company, but we were ready for more. We wanted a name that would continue to reflect the original brand and represent what is to come. We had our history and values at our core and an ever-expanding edge of responsibility. It was time to focus on bridging that gap. In other words, to radiate outwards.

radia meaning
What RADIA means to us

RADIA represents movement and change, expansion and opportunity. Our radial nature is to move and diverge from the center, but remain structured in our resolve to create responsible products. We are your trusted mixer, shaker and mixing equipment supplier while also being ready for what’s next. 

Red Devil Equipment Co. will always be at the core of our business. Our values for family, humility, continuous improvement, responsiveness and accountability are at the center of our company and that’s what we work hard to communicate to our customers. RADIA will continue this legacy of quality and care. 

Mix What You Need Without Worrying About a Breakdown