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RADIA Mixers and Shakers

Mixers & Shakers

The beginning of our reputation for quality, lasting equipment.

RADIA Material Handling Products

Material Handling

How are you addressing all safety and lift risks in your current set up?

RADIA Drying Systems

Drying Systems

A complete system of quality products so you can work smart.

RADIA Lid Closers

Lid Closers

Confidently close every one or five gallon container every time.

What's Next

What's next?

We'll help you find the right mix of equipment that best fits your needs.


Superior Durability

We have never had a frame failure.

Built tough, from design to production, RADIA units stand the test of time. In 2011, RADIA ran a promotion with current users to send a picture of their old machine in the dumpster and receive a significant discount on a new one. Customers refused to participate, unable to part with their RADIA product.


Unsurpassed Engineering

Tested through millions of cycles,
each unit undergoes an extensive testing process.

For over 20 years, RADIA has stayed committed to their core competency -- engineering strong, reliable products. To ensure the durability of their equipment, many of their machines are built completely gear driven. From design to development, the commitment to this process is proven by manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable line of equipment in the industry supported by both new and returning loyal customers.


Superior Service & Support

Hassle free warranty.

Commitment to our customers doesn't end with the purchase of a new piece of equipment. Each product in our extensive lines comes with unsurpassed service and support. At RADIA, the Customer Care team provides turn key support, responding to customers questions and requests immediately. For any questions about an existing RADIA product warranty, contact a member of our Customer Care team at (800) 221-1083.


Lowest Cost of Ownership

We don’t send out gears. We don’t send out frames.

Because RADIA products are so well designed and built, they deliver the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of their equipment.


Innovative Solutions Provider

Our products continuously improve from
undergoing an extensive review and redesign every 5 years.

By listening to and collaborating with their customers to identify needs and demands, Red Devil Equipment provides the right solutions for the right applications.

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