What’s in a name

Alright, now you know we’ve changed our name…
But what does it mean?


With each New Year we are granted the chance for new opportunities, new adventures and a fresh start. For Red Devil Equipment Co., this year marks the start of a pretty big change. And after being in the middle of such an intense process, we have some advice for those looking to start the journey. The next time you call, don’t be

The next time you call, don’t be surprised when we answer the phones a little differently.

surprised when we answer the phones a little differently. We are the same company just with a new name. We are RADIA.

The History

Founded in 1992, Red Devil Equipment Co. is a family owned company with a background in engineering. From the beginning, the new family of Red Devil Equipment Co. was ready to take the challenges and went straight to their customers for direction. By asking the top paint stores in the country to describe their needs, we began the extensive process of product testing and redesign to find the right solution. Karin Gessner, President & CEO describes how Red Devil Equipment Co. prioritized,” When Red Devil Equipment Co. changed ownership, we started updating our products to better reflect our emphasis on quality. When you work in the field and have a key piece of equipment break down, it becomes very clear that reliability and quality mixers at the expense of a higher price tag makes your work more efficient and makes your company more dependable.”

The name Red Devil has been recognized in the paint and tooling industry for over 100 years with Red Devil Equipment Co. spending the last couple decades becoming a strong name in paint mixers and shakers. So, how does a company spend years developing a brand and suddenly decide to change names? For Red Devil Equipment Co.

We don’t want to limit the potential for our current or new customers or ourselves.

it made sense after spending recent years venturing into new categories and solving problems outside of our niche. Our customers’ recognition of our expansion into new categories is a direct result of our nature to problem solve, collaborate and do the right thing, but eventually we ran into limitations.

“We had built a strong brand and reputation [as Red Devil Equipment Co.] in the paint industry, but we don’t want to limit the potential for our current or new customers or ourselves. We have the opportunity to provide more,” said Bob Brockman, Director of Sales.

The Decision to Change

“Some have asked if our company was sold, if we’re changing owners or if this means we won’t be

We want everyone to know this doesn’t change who we are or how our current products will be built.

making paint mixers,” said Brockman, “But we want everyone to know this doesn’t change who we are or how our current products will be built. It is simply a name change that will better reflect who we are and what we can do.”

The Red Devil name could trace back to the era of blacksmiths. In the process of forging new tools, the sparks that fly when metal hits metal were known as “Red Devils”. Though innocent enough, the literal Devil associations were reflecting poorly on our strong values of family and doing the right thing. As most members know, we’re also up against an industry that isn’t always used to change. Red Devil Equipment Co. had become the mixer company, but we were ready for more.

Leaving the negative associations behind and focusing on our expanded services with a fresh perspective, the process began two years ago to try and find the right name and image that better fit our company. First, a company has to consider which words and marks aren’t already taken, continue to reflect the original brand and represent what is to come. We had our history and values at our core and an ever-expanding edge of responsibility we were ready to reach. It was time to focus on bridging that gap; to radiate outwards.


RADIA Mixers and Shakers

Mixers & Shakers

The beginning of our reputation for quality, lasting equipment.

RADIA Material Handling Products

Material Handling

How are you addressing all safety and lift risks in your current set up?

RADIA Drying Systems

Drying Systems

A complete system of quality products so you can work smart.

RADIA Lid Closers

Lid Closers

Confidently close every one or five gallon container every time.


What RADIA means to us

Picture a circle, put a dot in the middle and draw a line from the center to the perimeter. That line now represents the depth of that circle, the distance between its core and its edge. It represents movement and change, expansion and opportunity. Our radial nature is to move and diverge from the center, but remain structured in our

It represents movement and change, expansion and opportunity.

resolve to create responsible products. Seen as a scientific or mathematical term by our engineers, but also has a lighter definition to reflect our fresh start and reach, RADIA is the right word to define who we are. This new brand, RADIA, is how we will become your trusted mixer, shaker and mixing equipment supplier while also being ready for what’s next. “We know who we are and we could see the future we wanted for ourselves and our customers. The difficult part was finding a way to say all of that with one name,” said Gessner. “We began with a long list of words. We narrowed it down and started pairing that with the right look, images and layout. There’s a lot that goes into the process and we took a lot of opinions into consideration because it was important to get it right. We will continue moving forward as the company that creates solutions for you and our new identity needed to represent that.”

Red Devil Equipment Co. will always be at the center of our adventures and the perimeter of possibilities will never be stagnant. The line that connects the two representing our journey and our customers’ opportunities is RADIA. Our values for family, humility, continuous improvement, responsiveness and accountability are at the center of our company and that’s what we work hard to communicate to our customers.

“Although it has been a long, involved and somewhat difficult process, we’re doing it,” said Gessner. “It may have been easier to stay Red Devil Equipment Co. and limit our services, but we’re confident RADIA will take on the legacy of quality and care Red Devil Equipment Co. has become known for. And RADIA will become the name you think of when you need to mix more.”