RADIA stands for quality, durability & reliability

Our Promise

Our mixers will last longer, more reliably than any other on the market.
We create equipment that helps you mix more paint and more than paint. We build products by putting priority on superior performance and support.

Our Purpose

To be a great company with great people getting great results.
Think of us as extension of your workforce. You can depend on the team at RADIA to be resource for continuous product improvement.

Our Core Values

Continuous Improvement

If you have a problem, we have a solution

By listening and collaborating with our customers on the issues they are facing, we are able to respond, design and build the right solutions for the right applications.

Old dogs can learn new tricks

While we are your loyal companion, we are constantly revolutionizing our equipment. This commitment to innovation drives us to design new products that define the new standard in the marketplace.

There is no such thing as quality paint without quality mixers

As the industry’s premier mixing equipment manufacturer, our machinery is undoubtedly the leader in producing the highest quality of paint. We will take that standard and apply it to any product in any industry we move forward in as RADIA.

The Devil is (still) in the details

As RADIA, we will continue the Red Devil Equipment Company legacy by making the components of our machines with the finest craftsmanship to produce the highest quality of product.